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I'd like to write a few words about metal detecting in Poland, subject which is not easy and is in a way highly controversial. For all of you contemplating a detecting trip to Poland, you have to bear in mind the following:

- Polish law states quite clearly that searching for historical artefacts (and that includes II World War militaria) with a metal detector without proper authorisation, is illegal.

- "Proper authorisation" means basically that anyone who wants to detect in a certain area must obtain special permission from an official "curator", responsible for conservation, preservation and protection of historical monuments and artefacts in his district/county. This is in addition to obtaining search permission from the land owner.

- Although not impossible, obtaining such permit is quite difficult as officials have to check that in your proposed search area there are no known archaeological sites. You also have to prove that you will be able to document your work through record keeping and that your project will be supervised by a qualified archaeologist.

- Therefore to stay on the right side of the law, you should obtain such a permit BEFORE you come to Poland. We will be glad to help you and provide advice on legal procedures and generally cut through the red tape.

- There are some exceptions to this rule, but you MUST have a trusted contact/partner who will look after you. Penalties for illegal searching are quite severe and include confiscation of your metal detector as well as fines and in the extreme cases, also imprisonment.

- Metal detecting on seaside beaches is generally permitted, provided that you don't intrude on anyone’s privacy etc.

I hope that this answers some of your questions, but don't hesitate to ask as it is much better to be safe than sorry 8-)

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